All in-person, video, phone, and chat rates include unlimited email contact with a guaranteed response from me within 24 hours if sent between Monday and Friday. At least one of these emails from me per week will include detailed information, instructions, and/or resources to help you on your journey. In order to schedule any of these services, please refer to the contact page. A free 20-minute phone consultation with no obligation is available as well if you are still uncertain about participating in therapy or a yoga session, but please send me a message first in order to ensure I will be available to answer all your questions. Once we have agreed on the type of services that would suit you best, I will email you a payment invoice. I require all payments either be made prior to the session, or in-person at the very beginning of the session. The reason for this is because getting it out of the way in the very beginning allows us to keep the focus of the session on your healing until the very last minute, instead of jolting you from an emotional state to complete a transaction. If you purchase a package and do not use all of your sessions for whatever reason, they never expire and you can use them whenever it is needed. To change or cancel an appointment, please give a minimum of 24-hour notice.


Therapy Session


One 50-minute Session  - $150

Ten 50-minute sessions  - $1,200




One 50-minute Session  - $125

Ten 50-minute sessions  - $1,000 

In-Home Yoga Session


One 50-minute Session - $100

Ten 50-minute sessions  - $800

Live Chat Session


One 50-minute Session - $50 

Ten 50-minute sessions - $400

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